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Our artisan jams and marmalades immortalize Mediterranean in general and French in particular heritage and tradition. These award winning delicacies are made in small batches with a lot of love and simple natural ingredients.
Our jams and marmalades can be eaten right out of the jar, or can be used as a topping on croissants, toasts, pancakes, scones, waffles etc, either on its own or can be paired with peanut butter, brie, cream cheese… or can be mixed in plain yogurt, in a smoothie or in oatmeal.
These wonderful treats, made from northern Californian fruits are grown in local family farms. They are rich in natural flavor and texture, free from any artificial flavorings, pectin, and preservatives. A joy for the whole family or the perfect gift that anyone will love. section.

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Special Awards

Ladera Patisserie, in recent years has been recognized one of the best jams and marmalades artisans in the world. Their many years of hard work and passion have been rewarded by 2020 and 2021 gold medal best marmalades at the Dalemain World Marmalade Artisan Championship in England.
In 2021, Ladera Patisserie seized the gold medal in one of the most prestigious awards in the world famous French artisan jam competition (Confituriades) establishing itself as the world champion. This is the first time in more than a decade of the Confituriades Competition history that the gold medal was taken away to the US from the European continent.